Saturday, January 2, 2010

Alert! EVs coming, Sell gas guzzler soon

As you know hybrids are blossoming and Electric Vehicles are not far behind.

First Israel is going all electric. Renault is manufacturing EVs for them.

France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are well underway. Next, it seems Australia could follow according to the expert. The first 7 minutes is professor BS, but from 7 minutes in[when Agassi speaks], it gets gripping.

Consider as well that China is partnering with Russia in a huge battery plant for Novosibirsk ready for 2011 with three production lines and a fourth production line by 2012.

Is it possible that used gas guzzlers may become difficult to unload?


TonyGuitar said...

Cellphone hint; [comments test]

Hidden cell battery power:
Battery low? Cell ready to quit?

Key in.. *3370#. Your cellphone should restart with a 50% power increase. Could be handy if you are hiking or stranded in your car.

The reserve is restored during the next charging. TG

TonyGuitar said...

This is an interesting Website in India And some post titles..

Karl Slym, President and Managing Director, GM India -

We are going to manufacture not in hundreds but in thousands the electric car we would be launching next year

Source – Business Line
Entry posted on October 20th, 2009 by Jaz and is filed under Chevrolet, Electric vehicles.
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Tags: Chevrolet Spark electric, Chevrolet Spark EV

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