Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photos Local Classic Cars

These  photos  were  taken  during  Cumberland's  Empire  Days  festival  where  there  are  marching  bands,  parade,  Great  soap box  derby,  local  music performers,  Pancake Breakfasts,  Beer  Gardens,  BMX copetition  and  more..

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guitar Wizards - Music Magic

Discover Real  Wizards  and  some  of  their  best  music.

Nokie  Edwards;   the
  gentleman  of  the  Ventures...  a  true  wizard...  Namm o9 /watch?v=3QD7Pp-bnhM

Chet Atkins;  doing  the  impossible  in  1954.  Walking  bass  and
==========   tune  all  in  one.    He  does  it  all  the  time.

Manu Chao;  Doing  Tex Mex,  drawing  crowds  of  a  million  in
===========    Brazil,France,Mexico.
=======     ...  Nice  Girls

Paul Simon;  This  version  will  getcha.. but  I  saw  a  NY  version
one  better.  It's  not  on  Youtube.    One Trick  Pony

Thom  Bresch; Son  of  Merle  Travis;  Here  is  Thom,  Nokie  and  Bob 
======================= ========    Saxton  in...
North Carolina Minton Pawn  shop.    [ You  don't  see  or  hear  this  very  often!]

Guitar players...Be  patient!  just  stay  through  first 10%.-  9 POUND

  Nokie  Edwards  S M O  K E S  I T!     This  link  leads  you  to  other  excellent  playing.  Thom  Bresch  is  classy  when  you  find  him  doing  a  full  length  number.

Lotsa  other  artists  are  wizards  at  times,  but  this  will  do  for  now.  TG

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Six Reasons you will drive an Electric Vehicle

The first reason comes from the Coda website ...

[1] Flip the bird to Exxon, Chevron, Esso, Shell and the rest.

[5] More reasons comes from Jim Motavalli, expert NYTimes writer. See if you agree.

Feeling the heat. The imperatives of climate change mean we’ll have to stop burning fossil fuels, especially coal and oil. The Copenhagen talks did not produce a binding agreement, but trust me on this — one is coming. The successor to the Kyoto talks will be much tougher, and we won’t make the numbers without putting millions of zero-emission cars on the road.
Oil peaking. We may or may not have already reached global oil peak — the point where oil demand exceeds oil supply. The worldwide recession suppressed demand and gave us something of a breather, but the numbers on oil demand (especially from China and India) in the next decade are completely unsustainable, and everybody knows it.
The smart grid. We’re just starting to optimize our antiquated electric system, but the way forward is clear. Utilities are partnering with automakers to enable the easy charging of millions of EVs at night without adding new plants. Off-peak electricity production and transmission capacity could fuel the daily commutes of 73 percent percent of all cars, light trucks, SUVs and vans on the road today if they were plug-in hybrids, a 2007 study by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found. What’s more, solar car charging is becoming a reality, and that means a 100 percent zero-emissions loop — the answer to any critic who says that EVs get all their power from dirty coal plants. Even today, with 52 percent of U.S. electricity generated by coal-fired power plants, Plug-in America reports that EVs reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and most other pollutants compared with conventional gas or hybrid vehicles.
The better mousetrap. EVs, on the road starting next year, will be better than gas cars in every way. Forget the idea that they’re slow, or that you won’t be able to get where you’re going. I’ve driven every EV, and all of them were exciting on the road. Every carmaker is building one, and they know it will be a very competitive market demanding excellence in engineering. BMW tells me that the consumers test-driving its Mini E plug-in quickly got over their “range anxiety.”
Plugging in. You’ll have a charging station at home, at work and at play. Starbucks and McDonald’s will have them, and so will the big-box store down the street. Car charging will become ubiquitous — offering you $3 and $4 electrical fill-ups. Some retailers will even offer 15-minute fast charging free to get you in the door. [ Jim Motavalli ]

Much of No. [5] plug-ins, all ready exists in Sanfrancisco and Vancouver B.C. has passed bylaws that make auto-plug-ins mandatory in all new construction.

Remarkable, how quickly things are changing. TG

Click  on  the  picture  for  a  full  screen  look  at  the  Coda.
The  1906  antique  above is  also  an  Electric Vehicle. What's new?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Alert! EVs coming, Sell gas guzzler soon

As you know hybrids are blossoming and Electric Vehicles are not far behind.

First Israel is going all electric. Renault is manufacturing EVs for them.

France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are well underway. Next, it seems Australia could follow according to the expert. The first 7 minutes is professor BS, but from 7 minutes in[when Agassi speaks], it gets gripping.

Consider as well that China is partnering with Russia in a huge battery plant for Novosibirsk ready for 2011 with three production lines and a fourth production line by 2012.

Is it possible that used gas guzzlers may become difficult to unload?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Go Electric . . Buy a Classic With Gas Money

Classic cars are a great investment. Like artwork they continue to appreciate in value. Buying a vintage car may have seemed too expensive, yet, If you drove an electric car to and from work and about town, there would be very little of monthly gas bills to pay.

Suddenly, buying into the classic auto club seems all the more possible.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Electric Vehicle Frees you from Exxon, Chevron and Shell

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Go Electric and dump the pump:

Electric or hybrid vehicles can get Big Oil bandits off your back and out of your wallet. Not to mention how they will also remove poisons and smog from the air we breath.

When you consider buying a used Prius or a new Honda Insight, be sure to calculate the saving of $60 to $120 you will not pay for gas or diesel fuel every month.

Consider also that the hybrid Ford Escape was fleet tested by Taxi firms in NYC and found to be both extremely reliable and profitable, due to fuel savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

[ Verify @ . . . search, 'Ford Escape']

The Toyota Prius has been out on North American roads for years now, yet I do not recall a single negative story in the media about persons stranded or any event of a vehicle fire.

A favourite theme by people who for one reason or another resent the trend to modern vehicles, is that batteries and our Canadian cold weather do not get along.

Not a valid argument. All vehicles have a starting battery and the vast majority work in the extreme cold as long as there is a decent charge in the battery.

During a radio interview here recently, [ ], Canadian testers of the new Nissan electric vehicle, [ due out in 2010 ], spoke to the effect of frigid temperatures on the car engine battery pack.

They stated that cold was not a factor at all. In fact, because the pack was larger than a standard auto battery, it held heat for long time spans and as power demand is held to only the top 20% of the energy capacity, there is little chance that cold can have much adverse effect.

Car of the year award for Japan this year goes to the new Honda Insight. Japan is very serious about bestowing that award. The Insight has been vastly improved since the earlier version and you can be sure it is both very reliable and a pleasure to drive.

It goes without saying that Honda Insight fuel economy is simply amazing.

PS: I am not a salesman for Honda or any other brand. I have a weakness for classy older cars that you only drive two or three Sundays per year.

[Click this beauty for a full screen look.]

Daily driving however, is best using an EV for many reasons. You buy gas for the generator only once every three months or so. If you live 60 kilometers from work or less, you will have the luxury of wondering if your gasoline is going stale. You contribute to clean air for everyone to breath, and you help reduce your grandparents monthly oil heating bill from $400 to a likely $90 or so. . . . eventually.

Please, [this is a new blog], be sure to click on the tiny word 'comments' and let me know if you think EVs are a good investment when prices get lower. Honda is selling the Insight new at around $19,000 to start. That seems a good starting point. Bet you could get a good used Prius for 9 - 10 K. Just think of all the ga$oline you don't have to buy.

Changes at Google, I can not sign into my two long-time blogsites, namely and

Hope to iron that out soon. In the meantime, take a look at the first blog especially. Some good stuff to know there like, 'hybrids need gas to go anywhere, but EVs can get around when gasoline is cut off.' Think before you buy. TG